Violet Sky’s Birthday Foot Job

The sexy hot babe we have in this foot job addict clip is a girlfriend we can all appreciate. Instead of teasing and seducing her boyfriend, Violet Sky gets right to the point. She can have him any way she wants, since she doesn’t take no for an answer. Outside the bedroom, she definitely takes him places his ex-girlfriends can’t even dream about. If things are so hot usually, we can’t help but wonder what she’ll give him for his birthday. She actually made some vanilla plans for the evening. Yet, before they go and dance the night away, she does want to give him a special treat. This foot job addict notices her sexy silky tight pantyhose, accentuating her long toned legs. He can’t resist the neon green polish on her toes, which have been in his mouth plenty of times. He wants to see them around his cock. He loves the feel of nylon sliding against his throbbing shaft, which Violet does so well, earning the title of foot job Queen in his pants. Since it’s his birthday, she wants to make sure he shoots every drop of cum nestled in his ball sack. The best way is to grip his cock with both feet and stroke for it.

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Moms Footjob Blowjob Compromise For Good Report Card

Allura comes from work home and sees her son laying down. Alllura lets her son know that his teacher called her and has let her know he is failing. Allura also knows he hasn’t been paying attention because he keeps starring at the teachers pantyhose feet. Allura questions her son about this and sticks her own pantyhose feet in his face. Allura can see her sons boner out if the blanket. Alllura removes the blanket to see his cock is rock hard at the site of her pantyhose feet. Allura lets her son know his fetish is OK and his mom will help him with this. Allura makes a compromise with her son that if she gives him a footjob and a blowjob everyday he will have to bring home a a good report card. Allura’s son agrees and Allura shoves her sons cock in her mouth. Allura sucks up and down on her sons cock almost getting him to the point of cumming. Allura then gives her son what he really wants her nylon soles wrapped around his cock. Allura jerks his cock with her nlyon soles up and down. Allura’s son loves his mothers pantyhose soles rubbing down his cock and you can tell by his throbbing erection. Finally Allura tells her son she better not see one more F or he will never cum again! Allura then takes his cock out of her mouth as before he cums and has him shoot his load all over dearest moms pantyhose feet.

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Victoria Clean My Dirty Feet Bitch

Victoria has been walking outside and her feet are filthy…covered in dirt. She calls in her slave and makes him lick them clean. You can see the disgust on his face from licking and swallowing dirt. But Victoria doesn’t care….she verbally humiliates him, makes him lick and suck the dirt from her feet….and she gags him just for good measure.

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